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Javascript Source Code Obfuscation


Share    Share protects the JavaScript source code of your Website to prevent others from stealing your Own Javascript Code right from your website, by just viewing your Website Source Code. ( Unfortunately, even your external .JS files can easily be copied, by just viewing them directly with any web browser)

Every day, several website owners are victims of people who steal javascript codes. If you do not protect your javascript code, you could even allow your entire site to be cloned by such people, in minutes, even without any credit or profit to you.

The only way to prevent your Javascript Code or your external .JS files from being stolen, is through JAVASCRIPT code obfuscation, which is a service that you can fully test for Free on our website in less than 5 minutes


Webpage with an unprotected Javascript Code:

The same webpage but now protected with an Obfuscated Javascript Code, generated by our obfuscation exclusive system:

(To verify the obfuscated code, visit these pages, Click the Menu of your Browser and then click the "View Source Code" Option)

(If you also want to protect your HTML Code, please visit:

Enter here the JavaScript code that you want to obfuscate and protect:
Dont forget to include this tags: <script> ... </script>

If you want to try this service for FREE, enter the password:

Note: The Free Trial password will allow you to test for Free our JavaScript obfuscation service on your webpage. After the trial period is over, your webpage will still encrypted and running without any problem, but it will show a small message, stating that your code has been protected for Free by our website, If you do not want this message to appear on your new JavaScript code, then you can buy a password below, to encrypt your JavaScript code without this message, the password could be bought at the bottom of this page, either now or after finishing the 5 days trial period.)

Remember, the free trial password is:

After pressing the [PROTECT JAVASCRIPT CODE] button located above, your protected source code will be displayed in a red textbox, which you can select, copy and upload to your website inside any html file or as a separated .js file to be called from your html like this: <script=yourfile.js></script> (Note: Before uploading or replacing any file from your site, you must first generate a full backup of your original files, since we do not save or record any JavaScript code introduced here.)

Either you use the Test Password or a Paid Password, your obfuscated code will be completely clean, without adding any tracking system or malicious code, as other "free" websites does. We also do not save or record the JavaScript codes entered on our website, neither we offer decryption services for any encrypted page by our system, which makes our website a completely secure and reliable site for our users, compared to other free solutions available on the internet.

To protect your JavaScript code without any message related to our free service, you can buy a password below, which will allow you to encode your JavaScript Codes without any alteration to the operation of your original page.

If you want to buy a password to protect your JavaScript code, the password will be sent to your email address automatically and immediately after paying with your VISA credit or debit card. (If you do not have a visa Card, you could also purchase a password with Paypal, 2checkout, or cash from any country with Moneygram, Westerunion or direct deposits in Banks of Guatemala, following the instructions below)

We offer 3 types of passwords, The 3 types of passwords that we offer are:

1. One time password: USD $ 10 which will allow you to encode 1 JavaScript code, without any other automatic or recurring charge. (Ideal to obfuscate 1 single JavaScript code)

2. Password Valid for 1 Month USD $ 30 which will allow you to encode unlimited JavaScript Codes for one month, without any other automatic or recurring charge. (Ideal for a webmaster).

3. Password Valid for 1 Year USD $ 150 which will allow you to encode unlimited JavaScript Codes for one year, without any other automatic or recurring charge. (Ideal for developers and resellers).

Any of these passwords can obfuscate JavaScript Codes without any alteration to the operation or the speed of the original web page.

To buy a password now with your VISA card, read first the important notes located at the bottom of this page and then click on the type of passwsord that you want to buy:

If you want to purchase a valid password for 1 month or for 1 year, without credit card, you could pay with Moneygram or Westerunion or direct deposit in banks of Guatemala, or Paypal, or 2chekcout. To pay without Credit Card: Send us an email to with this information: 1. The type of file that you want to obfuscate (Html or Javascript or PHP) 2. The type of password that you want to buy (Valid for 1 month or for 1 year) and 3. Your country and the payment method that interests you and then we will send you the instructions to your email so you can make the purchase of your password. (This option is not applicable for a one time password only applies to passwords with duration of 1 month or 1 year)
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1. Each password has an expiration time, the "One Time" password works only once to protect one single JavaScript Code, the password valid for 1 month lets you protect unlimited JavaScript Codes, but only for 1 month and the password valid for 1 year lets you protect unlimited JavaScript Codes for 1 year.
2. After paying for your password with your VISA card, you will receive it immediately by email with the subject "Your Purchased Password", if you do not see it, check your SPAM tray because the email sent may contain some URLs.
3. Buying your password online with your VISA card, is automatic, immediate, completely safe and without any recurring charge at the end of the month or at the end of the year. Your card is only charged every time you manually buy a password on our website.
4. Your purchase is 100% secure, however we do NOT offer payments refund, therefore, before purchasing your password,
we suggest to have a free trial with the password:

5. Our code protection service uses a very complex algorithm that makes the protected code very difficult to decrypt, preventing your code from being stolen by anyone, however we do not guarantee 100% that the protected code can not be decrypted by very few experts.
6. Prices do not include tax, vat, iva, or any other taxes related to any country.
7. The Javascript Obfuscation must be done in not very large files, also the javascript codes should not contain external calls to other servers otherwise the obfuscated code might not work, therefore we do not warrant the encryption of javascript codes not attached to these recommendations.

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